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Sunday, 16 February 2014

My Tramping Gear: Vaude Brenta 50 pack

My short overnight - day trip pack

 I splashed out just before Christmas and brought myself a new light  pack to wear on day trips or for lightweight overnight jaunts. I had tossed up a variety of various sizes, brands and types and was really undecided about which one to buy. There are a lot of packs available
in the 35-60l range and prices range from less than $100 right up to $500.
Then I saw this pack on an end of line sale at one of the local outdoors stores.

Vaude Brent 50 liter pack 

This is a Vaude Brenta 50 pack. I am a fan of Vaude gear, they are a German outdoor company with a wide range of packs, tents and outdoor clothing. The thing that especially attracted me was the great price of $120 (down from the usual $190).
Vaude Brenta 50l pack

The Brenta inside Lagoon Saddle Shelter, 2014

I would never buy gear solely based on price, but this pack was already in my top 5 list anyway. I call that fate, or a message from the God's if you like.
Harness system on a Brenta 50l

The Brenta's vital statistics...

The pack is a light (1200 gms) double compartment bag made of medium grade rip-stop nylon. It has a volume of 50 litres. It has a removable top lid, hydration port and expandable side pockets. The colour is the light blue above. The waist strap is more light weight than a full on tramping pack, but more than adequate for light loads.

I was surprised by how roomy it is, it almost holds as much as my 75l pack. I would probably keep the load below 6-8kgs so as not to overly strain it.

The Brenta on track to Hope Halfway Hut 2016, Lake Sunmer FP

So far Ive only used it for a trip up and along the Port Hills , but it performed well on that trip, I would expect it to perform as well anywhere. I will let you know.

Jon and the Brenta 50 at Rod Donald Hut
NB: I have been using this pack very successfully for over 3 years now, it is my primary day trip pack and I have used it successfully on a three day trip on the Te Ara Pataka Walkway in 2016. I have started to use this as my over night pack as it can easily accommodate all the gear I need to carry for a 1-2 day trip. One such trip was to Nina Hut in April 2017.

The Brenta at the Nina River foot bridge, 2017