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Sunday, 10 November 2013

My Summer tramping gear list

Summer Tramping gear list: 2013 version

This gear list is a work in progress as I am trying to reduce the weight of equipment I carry. I am certainly not an ultra lighter, those guys can get by with with >5 kgs of gear.  I would like to get my base weight (no food or water) down to the 10kg level. This would provide me with the essentials for survival at a bearable weight. My tent is 1.3kgs, I carry it if expecting to camp for the night, and leave the tarp and mossie net at home so a tent list is about the same weight.

Emergency shelter

 Because I am normally by myself I carry a shelter of some sort, either a tarp or tent for emergencies. As funds allow I am replacing my equipment with lighter and/or better performing gear, my next targets are my rain gear, sleeping bag and pack, for 2-3 kgs of savings.

Anyway here is what I'm currently carrying: total weight is 12.8 kgs. Added to this would be approximately 600-800gms of food per day; dehydrated meals, snacks, tea/coffee, instant soup etc (also a tasty steak for the first nights meal: it's my tradition).
Also, I would carry more water if going topside.

Summer gear list - Tarp shelter 

Item                                               Category           Description                                    Quantity                            Weight

tools AAA 4 spare 1   48 grams
Boots, Kathmandu
Leather, Barrigan, size 13 1 1400 grams

Can opener
cooking P38 style 1 14 grams

tools Silva ranger 1 64 grams

cooking Metal 1 100 grams

Eating utensils
cooking Knife, spoon Sea to Summit 1 31 grams

First Aid kit
tools Expanded 1-2 person  1 280 grams

Gas canister
cooking MSR, butane 1 350 grams

clothing Polypro 1 20 grams

Ground sheet - Tarp
shelter Generic tarp, 6'x4' Poly 1 200 grams

clothing Warm, polypro 1 32 grams

Headlamp, LED
tools EverReady, LED 1 74 grams

Hiking Fly
shelter Oz trail hikers fly, 2.1 X 3.0, pegs+ties 1 850 grams

Hygiene kit
toiletries Toothbrush, paste, antacid tablets 1 92 grams

Insect repellent
toiletries Aerosol, Bushman's brand 1 154 grams

Jacket, wet wear
clothing Macpac, Copland, full length 1 750 grams

tools Victorix folding 1 34 grams

Lighting, tent
tools Cylum stick 1 25 grams

Mosquito net
shelter Sea to summit, 1 person 1 250 grams

Mossie head net
clothing Coleman (damn sandflies) 1 18 grams

Pack liner
tools Plastic, MSC yellow 1 174 grams

Pack, 65+10
Vaude Accept 65ltr + 10ltr
1 2580 grams

Pants, wet wear
clothing Rainbird, PVC 1 416 grams

Pot 1 ltr
cooking Stainless steel 1 200 grams
Pants- thermal clothing Polypro 1 220 grams

Shirt short sleeve
clothing Technical, generic 1 176 grams

Shirt, L/S
clothing Badger brand, polyester 1 165 grams

Shorts, nylon
clothing Nylon shorts 1 150 grams
Sleeping mat, inflatable shelter Pacific outdoor sleeping mat     1 680 grams

Sleeping bag, summer
Sleep system Light, Domex packlite 1 1200 grams

Socks, 2 pair
clothing Tramping socks,  2 160 grams

Stove, butane
cooking Kovea, butane, backpacker 1 115 grams

Sun hat
clothing Baseball style 1 114 grams

Survival kit
tools Misc. items in lightweight metal container 1 220 grams

Top, warm
clothing Fleece, 200, Hunting&Fishing 1 410 grams

toiletries Small, camp, sea to summit 1 134 grams
Waterbottle food Plastic bottle + water @ 1 ltr 1 1045