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Sunday, 25 September 2016

New Hut for the Waiau Pass area

A replacement for Caroline Creek Biv...

Good news for all Te Araroa trampers and those with plans to cross Waiau Pass at some stage. The dilapidated 2 person bivouac at Caroline Creek on the Waiau Pass route is being replaced with a new 10 bunk hut over the summer of 2016/2017.

NB: This is still a work in progress as DOC are investigating a new location for this hut a bit lower down the Waiau River Valley. Construction is now due to begin sometimes towards the end of 2017....It is possible the hut will be larger than 10 bunks to deal with rising numbers of Te Araroa trekkers.

Existing bivouac at Caroline Creek from Wilderness

There is an article in the October Wilderness magazine detailing how $300 000 has been donated for a new 10 person hut to replace the totally inadequate bivy which exists in the area presently.

I imagine it will be like the Poulter Hut which is the standard 10 bunk DOC hut design at the moment.

Poulter Hut from

This is great news as a hut is badly needed at this location.

Now, who is interested in crowd funding a new Casey Hut of the same design for the Mid Poulter River Valley......?