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Monday, 22 September 2014

BMH: Books for Mountain Huts

Books for Mountain Huts

I had an idea for an initiative I'm going to start while I'm out tramping.

I really enjoy reading the magazines and books that people leave in tramping huts, you get an eclectic mix from books, FMC/Wilderness journals, hunting catalogues, Woman's Weekly to Marie Claire. I've decided that I will start planting books/magazines in the huts that I visit, for the edification of fellow trampers.

Magdalen Hut, the table top magazine stash

Some of these will be books withdrawn from the library I work at, some from my own collection and other items will be newly brought.

Examples of ex library books to be donated
My idea is to systematically leave these items for anyone to use, both at the start/finish of longer tramps and individual huts. I'm going to label them and leave a message to please leave for the next person/ in the same catchment. Hopefully, these items will move back and forth along tramping routes and provide some useful recreation for people spending the night in a hut.

I just chuck a small book into my pack when I'm going out for a tramp, I tend to use novels although I have dropped a couple of thinner non fiction items as well. 

I know a lot of these will just get used as fire-lighters but that's OK as well. 

Interior Boyle Flat Hut

Book drop off locations

Here is a list of locations I have left books at:

Hawdon Hut, Arthurs Pass NP (2)
Bealey Hut, Craigieburn CP
Andrews Shelter, Arthurs Pass NP (4)
Anti Crow Hut, Arthurs Pass NP
Bealey Spur Hut, Craigieburn CP
Lagoon Saddle Shelter, Craigieburn CP
Craigieburn Shelter, Craigieburn CP
Joihn Hayward Memorial Hut, Brooksdale Station (Near Porters Pass)
Mid Robinson Hut, Victoria FP
Lake Daniels Hut, Victoria FP
Cannibal Gorge Hut, Lewis Pass SR
Ada Hut, Lewis Pass SR
Anne Hut, St James CA
Christopher Hut, St James CA
Magdalen Hut, Lake Sumner FP
Boyle Flat Hut, Lake Sumner FP
Rod Donald Hut, Banks Peninsula (2)
Packhorse Hut, Banks Peninsula (2)
Camp Bay Shelter, Queen Charlotte Track
Anakiwa Shelter, Queen Charlotte Track
Lakehead Hut, Nelson Lakes
Cupola Hut,  Nelson Lakes
Coldwater Hut, Nelson Lakes
Nina Hut, Lewis Pass SR

Watch this space for more locations!