Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my tramping blog!

Hi, Jon here, I have been visiting the forests and mountains for many years, with particular attention to the parks and forests close to Christchurch, my home town.

Jon Moake, at Ryde Falls in the Oxford Forest Park

Spenser Mountains, Lewis Pass SR, from the Lewis Pass Tops
In this blog you will find information about tramping, hiking, equipment, tramping food, the history of tramping in New Zealand, environmental issues, mountaineering and other outdoor concerns of interest to me.

One of our iconic mountain huts, Mid Robinson Hut, Victoria FP

I will also have reports about the trips I do, including photos and information about the tracks and huts I use.

Lytelton Harbour and Canterbury from high on Banks Peninsula

Its a pleasure to have you on this journey with me.....let's see where we can go!