Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Is this the perfect camp shoe?

Many trampers scorn camp footwear as unnecessary weight. Hut floors are both cold and dirty, let alone camping sites, these protect your feet from those conditions. Personally I love getting into camp and slipping off my boots to let my feet breath.

I have experimented with a number of sandals and jandals, ive even tried Crocs, always I was unable to balance weight/utility/comfort. I think that may have changed, introducing my new camp sandal: the Bedrock Gabbro Lite:

Bedrock Gabbro Lite

The Bedrock Gabbro Lite is super light (just 116gm) and has a quality Vibram sole. I first saw these on an American hiking site i visit, and thought they looked like a good solution. You are able to buy both replacement soles and straps for these sandals which is a great innovation.If it is cold or the bugs are biting you need to team these with toe socks.

I took them with me on my last trip to Hawdon Hut and they performed well: they are supportive and light to carry. Obviously, wear your boots/shoes when cutting wood etc. (many is the tale of the chopped up foot clothed in a flip flop).

Check out the website for Bedrock gear at: http://bedrocksandals.com/store/